Luxury Golf Holidays

At Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays we specialise in creating high quality golf holiday packages based around our clients’ specific requirements. We place the emphasis on customer service and quality and although we do not offer bargain basement packages, we hope that you will agree that our packages offer excellent value for money and have something for everyone.

Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays take a slightly different approach to finding your perfect golf holiday. Rather than ask you to choose a ‘best fit’ holiday package, at Tailormade we will try to discover exactly what it is that you are looking for, listen to your requirements, understand your needs and budget and then suggest a selection of golf holiday packages that we know you will be interested in.

Because we hand select the golf holiday packages that we offer, we are always happy to stake our reputation on the line in order to assure you that if we sell it, you can be assured that you are going to be heading off to a wonderful golfing destination.

For more information about our golf holiday booking service or to discuss the requirements of your next golf holiday, please feel free to call one of our specialists on 01782 409 617.

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